A sports bra is the most important workout item for those with boobs, but 90% of women wear the wrong size. That’s why we’ve revamped our entire range with 43 new styles, available in 72 sizes, suitable for more bodies and workouts than ever before.

In sport, everyone should feel free and inspired by what their body can achieve. But women’s needs are historically underserved when it comes to activewear designed to support the female form.

In fact, just 17 years ago, when Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr established a pioneering breast health research group at the University of Portsmouth, there were only 6 scientific studies of biomechanics and breast support needs, when there were thousands of studies. on sports shoes.

Together with Professor Wakefield-Scurr and the University of Portsmouth, we set out to shed light on the importance of proper breast support and the benefits it can have on sport participation and performance.


If the breasts are not properly supported while racing, they can move up to 19cm and experience the same G-force as an F1 driver.

This is because there are no muscles in the chest. Instead, it’s a piece of tissue that sits in front of the pectoral muscles, but isn’t attached to them. The only natural support the breast has is skin and Cooper’s ligaments, which are very thin, stretchy structures that exist to protect the milk-producing parts of the breast, but not to lift and hold it.

Unknown to many, athletes may need the same amount of chest support during brisk walking as they do during sprinting, and a lack of support can cause irreversible damage. Breast movement in sport continues to be an overlooked area,” Explain Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr.

So the fact is we don’t have enough natural support in the breast to hold it firmly in place. When we move, the breast moves, which can cause breast pain, permanent damage to breast tissue, and impact athletic performance.


Women’s bodies and breasts come in many sizes, and there are endless ways they move during exercise. There really is no “one size fits all” when it comes to bras, and due to a lack of choice, it’s no surprise that 90% of women wear the wrong size sports bra.

Our research has shown that wearing a well-fitting sports bra reduces movement-related breast pain. If we stop the breasts moving, we reduce the risk of damaging the skin and Cooper’s ligaments.

The right sports bra also improves function and impacts stride length. For example, when you run a marathon, your breasts travel an extra four miles on their own if they are not properly supported.

“There is a significant data gap when it comes to sports bra development, so we worked with breast health and biomechanics experts from the University of Portsmouth to challenge ourselves and drive our innovation forward. in order to better meet the needs of our female sports community”, noted Amy Charlton, senior product manager at adidas.


This year we are making our biggest commitment to women and a big part of how we do that is by innovating products to better serve our athletic community. Sports bras are a fundamental piece of gear, but research into the category revealed widespread dissatisfaction from women who weren’t properly supported.

That’s why, after extensive research and development, we’ve created 43 new styles across 18 product franchises, to give them more choice and help them find the sports bra that’s right for them. It’s the most comprehensive and comprehensive collection of adidas sports bras to date, created to help more women exercise without restraint.

Using the latest innovations in materials and design, the new collection includes:

FORM – ADIFLEX training bras offer sleek coverage and support with a cool touch for a powerful feel. The range is designed to unlock the highest levels of performance for HIIT, team sports, gym workouts and everything in between. Each piece features breathable custom stretch fabrics with heat zones and quick drying.

WORKSHOP – ADISOFT bras are where comfort meets performance. With simple, minimal detailing and contoured seams, the ultra-soft garments provide full support with a sleek finish. The range is designed to move with the body for fluid motion – perfect for the studio, soft sports and light to medium impact training.

EVERYDAY – ADIBARE bras offer stylish comfort 24/7. Light as air and silky smooth, each piece in the range is made with a stretchy and breathable AEROREADY fabric that retains its shape perfectly. Designed with a natural cotton feel that fits like a second skin for a “barely there” feeling all day long.

CLASSES – ADIFORM bras are designed to deliver a distraction-free running experience with strong, smooth fabrics that wick away moisture and stay cool during tough runs. Designed with a secure wrap, custom stretch and flatlock seams for ultimate comfort, runners can hit the road with confidence and support, exactly where they need it most.

Support starts here.

The SS22 bra collection is available worldwide from February 14 via www.adidas.com/women-sports_brasin store and via adidas app.