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Welcome to Join Us at CIIE, Says Leader of WeChat Exhibitor Group


Kevin Chen, Head of Communications and Marketing, Heraeus China, and Heraeus CIIE Project Coordinator

The first thing I do after waking up every morning is to check a WeChat group that is of particular importance: the group of my “neighbors” from the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

Sharing and discussion in the group includes the opinion of the organizer, the latest policies and recent activities of the group. As a “group leader”, I have an additional “responsibility” on my shoulders.

My company, Heraeus Group, a German technology group, has participated in the CIIE for four years. It’s a long story, but let me cut it short and describe it as an interesting and challenging experience.

The first CIIE was held in 2018 in Shanghai. At the time, I created a small WeChat group with our neighbors in the equipment technology hall to help each other. We talked about which booth looked graceful and grand, which activities were lively and interesting, which media reports were impressive, which donations were creative, among others.

We also frequented each other’s booths, deepening mutual understanding and creating opportunities to share experiences. Over the years the group grew in size, starting with 20-30 peers in the equipment halls of Japanese Brother, American Ingersoll Rand, German Trumpf Lase and Finnish Nokia. It now includes more than 100 companies and extends to medicine, automobiles and consumer goods from other halls.

Today, the diversity of the members, the richness of the subjects and the frequent interactions in the group, as well as various events and offline visits, have generated more exchanges between the partners and inspired everyone to progress.

Although the annual CIIE lasts only six days, our group maintains a very high frequency of interaction and communication. These exchanges are not only about sharing experiences, but also lead to many concrete collaborations.

For example, at last year’s China International Import Expo, Heraeus Group held an IC materials innovation forum. Through WeChat group “matchmaking”, Roland Berger sent a representative to participate in the discussion, and the audience responded enthusiastically.

In another example, “group member” Accenture organized the CSR project “CIIE in the Cloud” to help children in rural areas visit CIIE online. The “neighbors” responded one after the other, and each contributed to the success of the event. On that day, hundreds of rural children learned about the cutting-edge technologies presented at the CIIE from afar, broadened their horizons, and sowed seeds of love for science in their hearts.

Moreover, we have promoted many online and offline activities, such as how to organize a highly professional livestreaming session that can attract 100,000 online participants.

Welcome to Join Us at CIIE, Says Leader of WeChat Exhibitor Group

CIIE Neighbors WeChat Group Members

The CIIE is a big stage. There are not only big companies like adidas and Accenture, but also industry leaders like Omron and Roland Berger, as well as many smaller companies.

As the backbone of the CIIE, these outstanding foreign companies have actively participated and demonstrated the extraordinary significance of the CIIE as a window of a new development model and a bearer of high-level opening up. Therefore, under the virtue of “right time, right place and right people”, the CIIE has been continuously advanced to new levels; at the same time, my “neighbors” and I have also made great achievements.

Take Heraeus as an example. Our booth is constantly expanding, the quality and quantity of exhibits are improving year by year, and we have gained a lot in cooperation with customers, government-enterprise interaction, project negotiation and brand building. Heraeus also attracted more than 10,000 on-site visitors, and online activities and media communication reached 10 million people, numbers welcomed inside and outside the company.

My neighbors have also been very successful: some have signed large orders worth 100 million yuan ($14.8 million) to help their business flourish, others have become Internet “.

More importantly, a large number of advanced technologies and products have entered the Chinese market through CIIE. It has become a driving force behind China’s industrial modernization and has helped millions of Chinese improve their quality of life. It can be said that CIIE has not only connected thousands of exhibitors and millions of visitors over the years, but its influence has radiated millions of Chinese enterprises and penetrated into all aspects of the lives of China’s 1.4 billion people. people of China.

Although there are challenges in various aspects this year, the companies where most of our small partners work have decided to continue participating in the CIIE. They all share high morale, are ready to encourage and learn from each other, and are full of confidence and expectation to make concerted efforts to take full advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by this platform.

For example, Heraeus signed a contract to participate in the 2022 CIIE earlier this year. It has never missed a single CIIE in the past five years, which alone proves the company’s high appreciation for the CIIE as an excellent display, communication and cooperation platform. In line with the country’s “dual carbon” goal, we plan to join the “energy, low-carbon and environmental protection technology zone”.

At present, Heraeus is making intensive preparations, striving to come up with a batch of environmentally friendly products and technologies that are internationally advanced and urgently needed for the revitalization of Chinese industries. We hope to achieve more results and cooperate with the industry chain and our partners.

As the 2022 CIIE is only three months away, I, as the leader of the “CIIE Neighbor Group”, would like to extend this sincere invitation to you:

If you are an international company, you are welcome to join us to develop your brands and advance your business development at the CIIE. Ultimately, it will contribute to China’s opening up and sustainable development, and benefit us all!