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USA TODAY Names Columbia’s Trundle Hotel Among Best Historic Hotels


Ranked fifth best historic hotel in the United States, the Trundle Hotel honors its original 1920s architecture while blending modern design.

COLUMBIA, SC – In October, USA TODAY ranked the nation’s top 10 historic hotels, and one in Columbia, South Carolina was fifth.

The Trundle Hotel is a boutique hotel on Taylor Street that honors the past by blending old and new design.

Throughout the hotel, visitors can see the original architecture of the three stores that it once was.

“Each building has a date of historical significance, so you have to design and rebuild it in some way,” said co-owner Marcus Munse. “So that could mean you put real plaster on the wall, made by hand.”

Munse owns the hotel with his wife, Rita Patel. They told News19 that the original buildings date back to the early 1900s and 1920s.

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“In the space where our lobby is, it was Western Auto and the building we are in now was Rose Talbert Paints,” Patel explained in the interview.

The wall between Western Auto and Rose Talbert Paints has been knocked down and original bricks are displayed in the hotel columns.

The third building, which was once the Powell Furniture Company, is behind the first two.

Munse and Patel bought the abandoned stores in 2016. With tax incentives for the reconstruction of historic buildings, they were able to create a 41-room boutique hotel that combines a historic and modern feel.

“We had to figure out what that showcase was like in the 1920s and we had to deconstruct it and rebuild it in a certain way, so it would look like it was in the 20s,” Munse said.

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The hotel’s floors, walls and ceiling tiles date from its past life. They even kept some wallpaper, framed like a work of art.

Today, the Trundle Hotel is recognized by USA TODAY as one of the best historic hotels in the country.

“It’s very cool,” Patel said with a smile.

And the recognition has been especially sweet after a difficult time last year due to the pandemic. The couple said they were inundated with cancellations and forced to shut down for six weeks, but now business is doing well.