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Toronto’s closed Air Jordan store now has a new tenant


Toronto’s Air Jordan store may not have lasted too long, but it’s now home to a brand new tenant that’s just as sporty.

Foot Locker opened its second Community Power Store in Canada here in Toronto, near Yonge and Dundas, last weekend. The first store in Canada was opened in Vancouver.

It gently opened briefly in March, but has closed temporarily due to lockdowns so far.

It is the ninth store of its kind in the world, with others in Detroit, Compton, New York, Philadelphia, London and Hong Kong.

The Toronto store spans 15,000 feet and three floors and offers exclusive product lines for men, women and children with brands like Nike, Adidas and Jordan.

A basketball hoop and gigantic wall mural by Michael Jordan remain on the ground floor and works by local artists Alexis eke and Jacquie Comrie can now be seen in the store.

What was once a second-floor training area now displays team-specific men’s clothing, and there is also an area to display projections which can be seen from Yonge below.

The store that just opened in July was previously scheduled to open around December, so sneakerheads who haven’t had a chance to take a peek before will need to head to the new mega-store to see if that. was worth the wait.

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