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Today in a nutshell: Product news at a glance


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It’s not often we talk about video games here on Today in Gear, but when you’re as successful as Ring of Elden. Developed by FromSoftware – the team behind the incredibly popular (and frankly, thanks to its notorious difficulty, meme-worthy) dark souls series of games, the game is easily one of the most popular titles today, with casual newcomers and hardcore dark souls fans are covering social media and streaming sites with key parts and moments from the game. It’s not just anecdotal evidence, the data shows it too. Sale 12 million copies worldwide in 18 daysit’s a feat that compares him to people like Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhich sold 6.5 million copies in its first week (and it’s a decades old game Pokemon franchise). It also helps that the story for Ring of Elden was developed with input from George RR Martin, who helped shape the world, themes, and motifs of the larger story. Perhaps we’re not surprised that, given the game’s popularity, there are rumors that FromSoft may expand the IP,”beyond the realm of games.“Even if you don’t plan to pick up Ring of Elden soon, there is enough to dive. From the overhaul of State’s 4130 single-speed/fixed-gear bikes to a titanium update of the Bamford B347 and the all-new adidas Velosamba, it’s Today in Gear.

today in speed is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news. Send your most pressing product questions to [email protected].

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Bring Sonos sound everywhere with the Roam SL.

The Roam SL gives users the ability to bring that premium Sonos sound on the go, with simple features that make connecting and playing music virtually automatic. Whether you’re hiking or just need a lightweight speaker you can move around your house, the Roam SL has a sleek and lightweight design, yet it’s rugged and portable. With drop resistance and an IP67 waterproof rating, the speaker can technically be submerged for 30 minutes without missing a beat.


State Bicycles is overhauling 4130 fixed/single-speed gears for the first time in over five years.

State Bicycles is proud of its 4130 Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed, which has been in production since 2009. After over a decade of producing the style and over five years since a major redesign, State is giving the 4130 a noticeable overhaul. The major change is the new geometry, which uses a triangle-style rear end and a segmented fork to give higher tire clearance, more room for cargo additions and a smoother ride. Other changes include tweaks to make the bike applicable both on-road and off-road, so this fixie can go with you just about anywhere. Shop the new collection, which includes four eye-catching colors like Matte-Black, Matte-Olive, “Alouette” and “Windbreaker”.


You can now buy the Bamford B347 in titanium.

Bamford London – a well-known watch customization company – has a few timepieces under its own brand. Bamford’s B347 has generally only been offered with a forged carbon case. Now Bamford has expanded the range to include titanium cases. Other than that, however, it’s largely the same B347 you know and love, with a Sellita SW510 MPa automatic movement, single-pusher chronograph functionality and, of course, the wide variety of options for strap of the B347.


James Brand’s collaboration with the Natural Selection Tour spawns a tight EDC package.

the Natural Selection Tour (if we go to his website), “A new generation of outdoor events and experiences…where the world’s greatest snowboarders compete on the toughest (most improved) natural terrain in our planet.” For our purposes, this directive directly informed a collaboration with The James Brand. Comprised of The James Brand co-branded items like the Redstone Drop Point Blade, Mehlville Carabiner and Cache River Screwdriver. Sure, you might be snowboarding in the rugged backcountry, but we imagine almost anyone can appreciate this three-piece kit.


The adidas Velosamba combines classic Samba style with a vegan approach to cycling shoes.

You know the adidas Samba, a legacy football silhouette that’s been on trend for decades. This reworked edition of the classic sneaker – the Velosamba – is inspired by cycling, incorporating a full-length nylon-reinforced midsole plate and compatible with two-bolt cleats. The design is designed to allow casual cyclists and commuters to easily transition from bike to street without missing a beat. Most interesting is the inclusion of vegan leather on the upper and recycled materials throughout.


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