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This fast-food chain is a Gen Z favorite…along with other things they’re obsessed with


Gen Z has a favorite fast food chain – Chick-fil-A.

Driving the news: The “Taking Stock with Teens” survey listed the fast-food chain as one of the ultimate favorites for an average 16-year-old, taking 16% of “share of wallet,” according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

Chick-fil-A was number one, followed by Starbucks and Chipotle as other favorites. McDonald’s and Dunkin’ were at the bottom of the list of preferences.

Rollback: The Atlanta-based restaurant, famous for its juicy chicken, has been ranked a top favorite by the Piper Sandler survey for years, according to Business Insider.

Details: Piper Sandler’s measurements surveyed 7,100 people with an average age of 16.2, analyzing other areas such as clothing, beauty, technology, entertainment and social causes. Here are more highlights from the investment bank’s 43rd biannual survey.

  • High Clothes the brands were Nike, American Eagle, Lululemon, H&M and Adidas. For shoes, Nike was the preferred first choice. Converse, Adidas, Vans and New Balance followed.
  • In the beauty industry, Gen Z preferred Ulta, followed by Sephora, Target, Walmart and Amazon, while commonly chosen brands are elf, Maybelline, Tarte, L’Oréal and Morphe.
  • the skin care the brands were led by CeraVe, followed by Cetaphil, The Ordinary, Neutrogena and finally, Curology.
  • For social mediaTikTok was in the lead, followed closely by Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Netflix was the best video platform. YouTube and Hulu were the other choices.
  • In the snacks category, Goldfish led the way, followed by Lays, Cheez-Its and Doritos.

The bigger picture: Even though this generation spends much of their time shopping online and browsing social media, the survey found that they are just as invested in social issues.

“GenZ is known to be a conscious generation, and teens this spring cited the Russian invasion of Ukraine as their top concern, pushing the environment to No. 2. Gas prices emerged as the concern #4, and when combined with inflation, would have ranked #1,” senior research analyst Nicole Miller Regan said in a statement.