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The Adidas Adilette clogs are perfect for summer travel


Whether you’ve planned a beach vacation or are heading to the pool closer to home for the rest of the summer, a good pair of water-friendly shoes is an absolute must. Many shoppers opt for sandals made from durable materials, and others even opt for lightweight Crocs clogs, but if you prefer a sportier look, consider this pair of slip-ons from Adidas. The stylish clogs are on sale for as low as $29 right now, so there’s no better time to add them to your wardrobe.

The Adidas Adilette clogs are made with contoured EVA soles for a comfortable and supportive fit. The tops have cutouts on the top and sides for breathability on hot days, as well as drainage if you wear them around water. The soles also have plenty of traction to keep you stable on slippery or uneven surfaces. And because the slip-ons are made from a lightweight synthetic material, they’re easy to pack in your suitcase and won’t create extra bulk or weigh you down.

The clogs are available on Amazon and Zappos, in a total of 10 colors between the two sites, ranging from classics like black with white stripes and white with black stripes, as well as bolder options like olive green, bright blue and light pink. They range from 4 to 14 in both men’s and women’s sizes, with a wider range of sizes available on Amazon.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com and zappos.com, from $30

Shoppers adore the clogs, many of which compliment their sleek look and convenient slip-on style. An Amazon reviewer wrote that they preferred to wear them “everyday around the house doing yard work and such”, adding that the slip-ons are also “good for water parks as the asphalt can be hot barefoot”. Another shared that the shoes are “very comfortable” and noted that “they fit perfectly and don’t move around when on your feet when you walk”. A third wearer even went so far as to call clogs “the most comfortable thing ever.” They’re “super easy to slip on for a quick walk outside or running errands.” And while the reviewer said they “have flat feet, flip flops are often uncomfortable after long periods of time,” they confirmed that Adidas clogs remain comfortable.

One Zappos shopper said the shoes were “super comfy and great for days at the beach and camping,” while another added that they “wore [them] on the beach in the sand [and] around the pool,” noting that they can wash away “any dirt easily!”

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com and zappos.com, from $29

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com and zappos.com, from $34

If you’re looking for comfortable, water-friendly shoes to wear all summer long, don’t miss this pick from Adidas, especially if some pairs are as low as $29.

At press time, pricing starts at $29.