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Stella McCartney, Paul Pogba and a vegan soccer shoe


Two worlds collided when designer Stella McCartney met Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba during lockdown last year for a fireside chat about their shared love for sports, fashion and branding. The event, which is part of adidas’ weekly “The Huddle” series that brought together faces of sport and culture, laid the groundwork for a collaboration with the German sports giant that would become the first shoe of vegan football to the world.

From the eco-responsible values ​​of McCartney to the striking style of Pogba and the technical innovations of Adidas, it is not surprising that the PREDATOR FREAK is the product of the collaboration of three titans from three disciplines.

“Something clicked between us, and I could tell she understood me and the way I like to bring my style to everything I do,” Pogba told Highsnobiety of her first meeting with McCartney. “We immediately started to think about what we could create, and the opportunity to work on something that combined our styles in a disruptive way was really exciting. “

McCartney, whose children and husband are avid Manchester United supporters, says: “[Paul and I] come from different professional worlds, but what was so special about this process was that we found common ground in our love for fashion and style, and its influence on both and off the field. Paul had a lot of ideas on what he wanted the boot to look like, so having regular feedback from him allowed us to bring our shared vision to life.

The result is two permutations with distinctive silhouettes: one, the PREDATOR FREAK P + ($ 280), a laceless design with a sock-like fit; the other, the P1 ($ 250), is laced up with a lower collar but with a similar comfortable finish. Decorated with leopard prints, reflective graphics and speckled with orange DEMONSKIN rubber tips (a technical innovation, calibrated by an algorithm that facilitates better control of the ball and sheers), the shoe is adorned with a metal plate and ‘a rainbow-shadow mirrored heel logo. This is the first time that a football boot has worn this feature, according to adidas.

McCartney’s 15-year partnership with adidas has witnessed many marriages between high fashion and performance clothing, but “football boots were completely new to me so it was great to be able to work with the team. adidas football to ensure that changes to the shoe do not adversely affect the way it performs.

Unlike other adidas football boots, like the Copa Mundial which uses kangaroo leather, the components, including recycled materials, are designed to align with vegan and elite performance standards.

“The vegan aspect was not negotiable for me. We have looked at every element of the production process to ensure we deliver a fully vegan football boot, obsessed with detail from every angle. Disrupting a production process presented some exciting new challenges, ”says McCartney, who already launched a vegan iteration of the Stan Smith tennis training shoe in 2019.

Intent on challenging what a football boot might look like, McCartney met a fitting match with Pogba, who has a sartorial bent. “Football is the perfect place to express myself, but at that point we were in a complete lockdown and I missed that,” Pogba said. “The opportunity to work with and learn from a legendary designer like Stella has been a great way for me to channel my energy. I can’t wait to wear them.

The shoe will be available through the Adidas app from October 22 and on adidas.com and select retailers from November 1.

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