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Sport Belongs To Everyone As Adidas Introduces SPORT HIJAB 2.0


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By Sundesh Mahes

Welcome to the SPORTS DRIPS feature in a DigiMag. Sports Drips is celebrating its first anniversary this month and we’re going to be giving away some major gifts for our anniversary!

So what is Sports Drips? At Sports Drips we take a look at the latest trends in sportswear from around the world and every now and then we will go back in time to give you that nostalgic feel for some of the legendary sports gear from all the brands that have dominated the world. Marlet. through various sporting codes ranging from running to basketball to soccer.

The focus will be on the impact of technology and design on each sport and we will also tell you which icon uses those elements in their prime. The platform is hosted on IOL Sport and Facebook for the moment.

This week we will be looking at some unique gear from Adidas for our sports Hijabi.

Driven by the belief that sport belongs to everyone, adidas is committed to celebrating all women in sport and ensuring more inclusive spaces for female athletes around the world with the SPORT HIJAB 2.0 collection, the brand takes a new step in this direction and allows women to access sport without compromising on faith, freedom or movement.

The SPORT HIJAB 2.0 collection is informed by ideas from the Hijabi communities of Cape Town, Cairo and Dubai that highlight the challenges of women who want to exercise, but also want to respect their faith and avoid social judgment. The feeling of having to compromise on any of these aspects can prevent Hijabi women from accessing sport.

Speaking to local Hijabi rugby athlete Zahraa Hendricks, she says wearing a hijab on the pitch represents her Muslim identity. “It’s part of my everyday identity, on and off the pitch. It gives me even more power, and I’m proud to speak with confidence and hopefully inspire all women who continue their path in sport and beyond. “

South African fashion content designer Nabilah Kariem Peck commented on the garment’s design and functionality, saying, “Even during intense workout, the Hijab stays in place. The latest SPORT HIJAB 2.0 collection includes an undershirt for pinning your Hijab, which supports high intensity training environments. Plus, it’s really light and cool.

Faced with a chronic spine disease that changed her world forever, local runner Mariam Edwards added, “My Hijab is who I am. No matter where I am in the world, or what I face, it remains my identity. I have the freedom to be Mariam and I am proud to be recognized as Mariam the Muslim runner.

The SPORT HIJAB 2.0 collection follows the current line of adidas Hijabs, designed to provide everyday comfort as well as performance with minimal distractions. The larger collection also includes a cotton Hijab scarf as a style offering.

Building on its commitment to making the future of sport more inclusive for all, adidas continues to evolve its modest clothing offering to enable access to sports for women everywhere. The collection is currently available on adidas.co.za and adidas concept stores nationwide, in sport and leisure options ranging from sizes small to large.

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