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Social Native to Lead the Social Commerce Conversation as Adweek’s Featured Partner for Social Media Week 2022


NEW YORK, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — social nativea leading global marketplace providing scalable content solutions for businesses, joins Google as one of four premier showcasing partners for North America Social Media Week 2022 (#SMW) taking place at New York May 9-11. Adweek’s timeline shows that Social Native will lead the social commerce discussions, as the sole end-to-end event creator and UGC technology platform.

The remarkable presence of the company at the #SMW and at the Visionary Creator Awardcoincides with its investment and its mission of democratization $100 billion creator economy. Creators disrupt traditional branded content ads and increase brand engagement through authentic storytelling. With 85% of consumers finding UGC more influential than branded content, traditional marketing agencies and paid advertising alone will no longer be enough to captivate new audiences and capture the growing buying power of Generation Z. In this new “age of the creator”, brands are looking for scalable solutions to integrate creators and influencers in order to stay competitive and access the full value of social commerce, which is set to become a $1.2 trillion channel by 2025.

“Social Native’s technology stack enables brands to harness the authentic power of the creator economy. Together, our partners are reinventing the next generation of branded content,” says David Shapour, Founder and CEO of Social Native.

Social Native set to unveil latest UGC solution at event: Shoppable Video Galleries Optimized for TikTok

Consumers who land on an e-commerce site via a user-generated video are 2x more likely to purchase and spend 45% more. That said, the biggest challenge for brands in e-commerce is fragmentation, which leaves substantial revenue on the table.

Social Native brings the persuasive power of social media to e-commerce, providing a new e-commerce experience for brands and their customers. Building on the success of its existing shopping mallsUsed by top brands like IKEA and H&M, the technology platform will soon release an optimized, no-code video version to help brands leverage organic short video at scale.

Buyable interactive video galleries feature a 9:16 vertical layout for seamless integration on eCommerce category and product pages, effectively shortening the sales funnel for an integrated social shopping experience.

The company plans to demonstrate the revolutionary solution for brands participating in the 3-day social media event at New York.

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About SocialNative
Social Native is the world’s leading marketplace connecting brands to the creator economy, generating an unparalleled selection of branded content. Thousands of global brands like Adidas, Estée Lauder, and Airbnb use Social Native to optimize ever-increasing content demands in e-commerce and digital media.

Social Native is on a mission to grow and strengthen creator economies by creating scalable content solutions.

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