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Shaw’s takeaways: Adidas League 3SSB’s top prospects


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Adidas moved to Alabama and coaches followed. Hundreds of people lined up on the sidelines of the 12-court facility to watch some of the best the nation had to offer. In addition to college coaches from across the country, Jamie Shaw of Rivals.com was in attendance. Here are the best perspectives Jamie has seen in every post, starting in Class 2022.


George took center stage on Day 2 as his Southern Assault team faced off against Chris Livingstonis the We All Can Go team. George, the 2022 Rivals150’s No. 4 prospect, was the game’s top scorer with 24 points in a 10-point victory. The more I look at George, the more I see him as a primary guard. He was noted for his score, but in this one he looked like a main paint nip guard. He defended the point of attack well and made superb passes and reads.

There were around a hundred coaches in attendance for this one, as George’s performance cemented him as the top point guard in the event.



It was my first live view of Chandler, and I had the opportunity to see him with his Utah Prospects (Utah) 3SSB team on three separate occasions this weekend. Each time, the high-flying wing presented something new. Whether it was his rebound, defense and assists, or his shooting, Chandler was a full-service winger. Chandler has managed to become a scorer on three levels, as evidenced by his goal of scoring 20 points in each view.

Chandler visited Stanford, State of Utah and Arizona in June and hope to organize trips up to Creighton and Utah in August.



Livingston was in the featured game of the day with George. Livingston finished the game with 19 points, but it was his tenacity and ability to make winning plays that really stood out.

Livington recently visited Kentucky officially.



Perhaps no prospect in this whole event did more for their stock than Lubin. The long-arm striker with SE Elite (Florida) 3SSB was a 20 and 10 machine this entire weekend. He plays hard, with strength and a nose for the basket. While the bulk of his production comes from 15 feet and above, he continues to make parts throughout.

Lubin, who picked up a West Virginia offer this morning, had no less than 75 different programs represented on the court during its matches. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the pull start for him soon.



Traore was perhaps the highest upside prospect in this event. There wasn’t much the French national, who played last season at Napa (Calif.) Prolific Prep, couldn’t do on the pitch. Traore has long arms, he plays with a lot of pop, he bounces the ball and he also hits in the jump shots.

With more than 50 Div. I coached in the stands, Traoré finished with 26 points and 14 rebounds. He officially visited TCU and Texas in June.



I hadn’t heard his name before I sat down to watch him, but I couldn’t help but talk about Sandfort during and after the game. The 6-foot-6 goaltender started the attack, got where he wanted to on the ground and hit shot after shot. He had the vision, the pace, the tenacity, everything you look for in a prospect. Sandfort, whose older brother Payton signed with Iowa this year has no offers but that should be something that will change soon.