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See Carrie Underwood’s Latest Gardening Instagram That Has All Her Fans Talking About


Carrie Underwood – award-winning singer, inspiring songwriter, American Idol champion, and now a gardening fashion icon.

The “Before he cheats” The singer is preparing for her exciting Las Vegas residency called “Reflection” starting December 1, 2021, at the Theater at Resorts World Las Vegas. In an interview with TODAY, she explained that the name “Reflection” comes from how she “had the chance to be part of an amazing musical journey and many amazing moments on stage.” Of course, the mother of two couldn’t be away from Isaiah and Jacob for too long, so the boys and her husband Mike Fisher will be right there with her in Vegas.

Before taking Vegas by storm, she enjoys the fall with her family and shows her green thumb. Carrie took to Instagram to share a relaxed snapshot of her doing just that.

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The singer’s caption says “Isn’t this mom just gourdgeous? 😄 # LoveTheFall #StayThePath @caliabycarrie.” First off, we think she deserves a round of applause for incorporating the perfect fall pun. But, fans immediately took to the comments to admire two things: her outfit and that beautiful orange mom!

“Water the queen plants! Hmm!” one person joked. “My reminder to water mine 😂,” another joked.

Others quickly offered Carrie advice on caring for her flowers. “Gorgeous! Just a little tip – sprinkle them on the bottom,” one person wrote. “Moms love to be watered from the roots. It will help them last longer,” said another.

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Moms are pretty much a go-to item for fall, but so is a cute, matching tracksuit like the one Carrie is pictured wearing. Fortunately, she didn’t let us wonder where to find a similar one and she tagged the brand, which is also hers! CALIA by Carrie is the fitness clothing line of singer “Cowboy Casanova”.

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Needless to say, Carrie has been very busy, but we love seeing those laid back moments behind the singer’s backstage.

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