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Starting a good business requires two things, a good idea, and money. However, it is not easy for Hungarian businesses to raise capital or credit, although the situation has improved significantly in recent years. The second phase of the growth loan program is already underway, with more than enough resources available for smaller companies, but not everyone can benefit. Where can a business make money today?

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Who gets it is good

However, those who get cheap funds reduce their risks and get cheaper market loans. This is especially true for loan takers, companies who can swap more risky and expensive loans for a fixed and cheap loan. Thanks to the NHP, these companies may even be able to re-establish credit or raise new funds at a lower cost.

There is no need to despair for executives who do not qualify for NHP. There are several other discount programs with interest rates well below 10 percent for market loans.

Currently, nearly 80 percent of Hungarian businesses operate without credit. They would need funding, but for some reason, these companies cannot be funded.

Idea and Money

If you really believe that only these two components are in a well-run business and you have just the idea, then it might be worthwhile to start making money with a venture capital company. In many cases, less-creditworthy start-ups or start-ups can almost always have the chance to invest in a venture fund. Besides hedge funds, these hedge funds already manage EU funds worth HUF 63 billion.

Investment is often in the form of cash loans, but capital increases and payments are the most common. In the latter case, at a predetermined date, the venture capital company sells its stake in the hopefully already flourishing company, for which management has a pre-emptive right.