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OncoArendi Licenses Cresset Molecule Design Software to Advance Development of New Therapies


Cresset software uses its proprietary shape and electrostatics descriptors to help chemists understand the key interactions that underlie biological activity. The recent version of Flare V5 integrates the best of Cresset’s ligand and structure technologies into a single platform. It features new and improved science and an intuitive graphical interface to enable more effective and efficient molecule design.

“We are delighted that OncoArendi has chosen Flare to support its vital research,” said Dr David Bardsley, Commercial Director of Cresset. “We are confident that our innovative ligand and structure-based design methods will help provide new information and advance their internal drug discovery programs. “

“The starting points of the two projects in which OncoArendi successfully selected candidates for clinical trials were molecules (lead structures), advanced in terms of pharmacological properties. The purchase of the Flare software will help us to effectively develop research programs in which such starting structures have not yet been found. The Cresset software will also allow us to better understand the relationships observed between the structure of the chemical compounds that we test and their observed biological activity. says Dr Jacek Olczak, head of medicinal chemistry and co-founder of OncoArendi.

Flare enables chemical researchers to discover new small molecules more efficiently and effectively on a single platform.

About Cresset

Chemists from the world’s leading research organizations use Cresset discovery software and services to discover, design and optimize the best small molecules. Our patented software and expert scientists provide unparalleled insight into protein-ligand systems, enabling chemists to accelerate their research in industry sectors such as: pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, and flavors and fragrances. www.cresset-group.com/software

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About OncoArendi

At OncoArendi, we are looking for innovative ways to help patients with incurable diseases.

We are a biotechnology company that discovers and develops new drugs until clinical proof of concept. We focus on small molecules and research innovative drug target platforms that have broad therapeutic potential. Our ambition is to discover, develop and market disruptive drugs against cancer, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases. We play a leading role in shaping the Polish biotech industry by innovating in the discovery of innovative drugs and providing career opportunities for top local and international talent. We work together to bring first-class drugs discovered in Poland to the world market. https://oncoarendi.com/

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