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Netflix to Apple H&M to Adidas List of major brand companies that have suspended services in Russia


New Delhi: Amid the ongoing conflict between India and Ukraine, several global brands, including Apple and TikTok, have suspended most of their services in Moscow as a show of solidarity with Ukrainians. The economic backlash that Russia has faced following its decision to go to war with Ukraine has been intense. Not only is the country struggling with heavy sanctions, but many companies and organizations have withdrawn from Russia. Companies including Microsoft, Apple and Dell announced they had suspended sales in the country, while Ikea closed stores and Nike said it would no longer process online orders. On the entertainment side, all major studios have announced that they will stop releasing their films in Russia.Also Read – Indian Rupee Drops To Ever Low Of 76.98 To The Dollar Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Take a look at the list of companies that have suspended operations in Russia:-

TIC Tac: TikTok said Russian users of its popular social media app will no longer be able to post new videos or live streams, nor will they be able to view videos shared elsewhere in the world. “In light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law, we have no choice but to suspend live streaming and new content from our video service while we consider the implications of this law on the security,” TikTok said in a statement on Twitter. “Our in-app messaging service will not be affected.” TikTok spokeswoman Hilary McQuaide said the TikTok app in Russia now appears in “view only” mode and does not allow people to post or view new videos or live streams. They can still see older videos, but not if they’re from outside the country, she said. Also Read – Brent Crude Nears $140, Could Soon Surpass 2008 Levels

Netflix: Joining the bandwagon, Netflix has also suspended services in Russia due to “circumstances on the ground”, a company spokesperson said. Earlier last week, the streaming giant announced that it would be pausing all future projects and acquisitions from Russia. Netflix had four Russian Originals in the works, including a crime thriller series directed by Dasha Zhuk, which was filming and has since been put on hold. Netflix also recently refused to carry 20 free Russian propaganda channels it was required to host under Russian law. Now the company is taking it a step further by shutting down its service completely. “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a Netflix spokesperson said. Also Read – Gold Rates Today: Gold Price Close To Rs 53,000. Check Latest Gold Rates In Your City On March 7, 2022 Here

American Express, Visa, MasterCard: US credit card companies Visa, Mastercard and American Express have also promised to cut service in Russia. In a statement, American Express said, “In light of Russia’s continued and unwarranted attack on the people of Ukraine, American Express is suspending all operations in Russia. As a result, American Express cards issued globally will no longer work at merchants or ATMs in Russia. Additionally, cards issued locally in Russia by Russian banks will no longer work outside the country on American Express’ global network. We are also suspending all business operations in Belarus. This is in addition to previous actions we have taken, which include ending our relationships with banks in Russia affected by U.S. and international government sanctions.

Samsung: South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, a leading supplier of smartphones and computer chips, said it would halt product shipments to the country, joining other big tech companies.

Apple: After restricting Apple Pay services in Russia, the tech giant has decided to suspend all product sales in Russia. “We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and support all people who are suffering because of the violence. We are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing aid to the unfolding refugee crisis, and doing everything we can to support our teams in the region,” Apple’s official statement read.

Microsoft: Similarly, Microsoft also suspended new sales in Russia. “Like the rest of the world, we are horrified, angered and saddened by the images and news coming from the war in Ukraine and condemn this unwarranted, unprovoked and illegal invasion by Russia. We are announcing today that we are suspending all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia. Additionally, we are coordinating and working closely with the governments of the United States, European Union, and United Kingdom, and are shutting down many aspects of our business in Russia in accordance with government sanctions orders. We believe that we are most effective in assisting Ukraine when we take concrete action in coordination with the decisions made by these governments and we will take additional action as this situation continues to evolve,” reads the statement issued by the society.

H&M: Swedish clothing company Hennes & Mauritz AB has also suspended sales in the country. “H&M Group is deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stands with all those who are suffering. H&M Group has decided to temporarily suspend all sales in Russia,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Adidas: German sportswear company Adidas (ADSGn.DE) has suspended its partnership with the Russian Football Union (RFS) with immediate effect. The company’s decision comes after UEFA banned all Russian football clubs from its competitions.

Additionally, several news outlets also said they would suspend work in Russia to assess the situation. Russian authorities have repeatedly and falsely decried reports of Russian military setbacks or civilian deaths in Ukraine as “fake” news. State media is calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation” rather than a war or an invasion.