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Leak reveals iPhone 14’s notch-less design


Apple has sent out invitations to an event next Tuesday, which will almost certainly see the launch of the iPhone 13. So the last thing the company wants right now is people looking beyond this device to iPhone 14 next year.

But popular (albeit sometimes temperamental) leaker Jon Prosser doesn’t stick to company schedules and has chosen to reveal the iPhone’s 2022 design this week. And we think that will cause some potential customers to question whether they have to ignore iPhone 13 and wait for iPhone 14.

Most striking – according to Prosser’s Front Page Tech site – the iPhone 14 update will see the notch disappear, which will please many users. Instead, there will be a pinhole aperture for the front camera, a design feature that’s been present in some competitors’ smartphones for quite some time: the Honor View 20 had one in late 2018.

There would also be a titanium frame, rounded volume knobs, and a redesigned speaker and microphone. Also, the camera on the back will no longer protrude outward, which many users have complained about. (Unless you keep your iPhone 12 Pro in a case, its rear camera module is likely to scratch any surface it’s placed on and it won’t lie flat.) Instead, it will be flush with the surface of the rear chassis. .

Given that the iPhone 14 will not be released until fall 2022, this new information is of course to be taken with a grain of salt. Prosser has been wrong in the past – AppleTrack currently gives it an accuracy rating of 74.3% based on 183 rumors – and while his sources are correct on Apple’s development plans at this time, they have plenty of time to change before the device is (officially) revealed to the public.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation (using DeepL) and additional reporting by David Price.