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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s sneaker collection is worth a decent amount of money



Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have ventured away from Jinger’s family to Arkansas. First, the couple made their home in Texas. Now they live in Los Angeles with no plans to relocate again soon. The further away the duo are from Jinger’s home state, the more they seem to be abandoning Duggar family principles. In particular, they have abandoned the “buy second-hand and save the difference” mentality. In recent months, Jinger and Jeremy have showcased an impressive line of high-end sneakers. They have been pictured wearing everything from the Jordans to the Nike Air Max 90s to the Nike Dunks. So how much is their sneaker collection worth? More than you think.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s sneaker collections continue to grow

Followers of the Duggar family have widely criticized the Vuolo for constantly trying new characters. The young couple have spent the last few years changing their style. Critics of the family believe they are doing it to find one that is most appealing to the masses. Critics of the Duggar family insist the Vuolo are interested in being famous, and ever-changing wardrobes are their way of testing different vibes. For a year, they seem to have settled into an atmosphere of urban culture. Specifically, the ultra-conservative Christian couple have plunged into the world of sneakers.

The Duggar family | D Dipasupil / Getty Images for more

Sneakersheads belong to an urban fashion subculture. It’s a group of fashion enthusiasts who have set their sights on the most sought-after sneakers on the market. Some sneakerheads prefer Nike, while others focus their obsession on Adidas shoes. Some sneaker fans focus even more on Jordan sneakers. Jinger and Jeremy seem to have a clear preference for Nike brand sneakers.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo attend the premiere of
Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Vuolo | Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Jinger has been pictured wearing several pairs of different Jordans, as has Jeremy. The two appear to have a pair of Jordan Retro 4s which were popular this summer. Jinger also owns Nike Dunks and several pairs of Air Max shoes. Followers of the Duggar family also spied on Jeremy wearing several different Air Max. He seems to have a special affinity for the Air Max 90. Sometimes photographs have shown him wearing Adidas Ultraboosts as well. The Ultraboost line is popular with sneakerheads interested in comfort.

How much are the sneakers they rock really worth?

Jinger and Jeremy don’t like shoes; the couple seem to have a particular fondness for hard-to-grab, limited-edition sneakers. In the most recent photo Jeremy shared of Jinger on Instagram she appears to be wearing a pair of black and white Nike Dunks, affectionately known as Pandas. Once considered a skateboarder sneaker, the style has become a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts. The Jinger Dunks were seen retailing for $ 100 but are now selling on alternate sites for almost $ 300.

Michael Jordan wears his signature Jordan 1 sneakers in a 1985 game against the Washington Bullets
Michael Jordan in the famous Jordan basketball | Focus on sport via Getty Images

The Jordan Retro 1s that Jeremy wore to deliver a sermon in August were selling for $ 150 and selling for more than double on aftermarket sites. The “Chicago” color is very popular. Jeremy is also probably paying around $ 150 a pair for his ever-growing Air Max 90 collection, and Jinger is doing the same for his Jordans rotation. While the duo don’t appear to have any sneakers that most enthusiasts consider to be “grails,” the large sneaker fan rotation that fans have seen them in is worth several thousand dollars.

Several members of the Duggar family have also abandoned the principle

While Jinger and Jeremy have blatantly sidestepped the Duggar family’s “buy second-hand and save a difference” mentality, they aren’t the only ones. Married couples with their own incomes seem to prefer new things, including high-end electronics and high-end clothing. Jill Dillard and Derick Dillard also seem to be moving away from the mentality. They own smartphones and laptops. While their clothing choices aren’t as extravagant as Jinger and Jeremy’s, all of their clothes look new, as do their shoes.

Jana Duggar in a screenshot from a 2020 episode of

Jana Duggar in ‘Counting on’ | TLC via YouTube

The Duggar girls have also embraced the barbershop, doing away with in-home perms and boxed coloring. Jinger was the first to go blonde. Several months later, Jill visited a salon for a rather extreme haircut. Most recently, Jana Duggar, who remains single, underwent a makeover at a trade show. With the family reality TV show, Counting on, now canceled, fans can’t help but wonder if Jana and Jinger will revert to some of their old money-saving tactics. Jill and her family don’t depend on the show’s income to stay afloat.

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