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It’s time to say goodbye to leather… this company makes award-winning boots from recycled coffee


The discovery of coffee dates back to the 15th century when a goat farmer named Kaldi first noticed that his goats were staying awake at night after munching on certain wild berries. Fast forward to 600 years later and coffee is not only a global drink, it is also fast becoming the next shoe material. Yes, you heard me right. Award-winning shoe company CCILU has discovered how to turn coffee grounds into a waterproof, durable, durable, lightweight and vegan alternative to materials like leather … plus, with over a quarter of a million tonnes of coffee grounds generated every year, our coffee habit begins to have a fairly noticeable impact on our environment.

Designer: CCILU

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Proven to keep your socks dry for up to 100,000 steps.

The boots weigh only 230 grams, or 1/3 the weight of a pair of traditional boots.

The XpreSole® Panto comes with a sleek contemporary design and a pretty impressive list of features. The rain boots are waterproof, dirt resistant, breathable, lightweight, machine washable, have high traction and are sustainably made by recycling coffee grounds up to 15 cups of coffee per pair of boots. If that wasn’t enough, the XpreSole Panto also won the Red Dot Best of Best, the iF Design Award and the A ‘Design Award this year. Is coffee ready to replace leather or PU leather as the material of shoes? The folks at CCILU think the XpreSole Panto is a pretty compelling argument.

Removable and breathable insoles keep feet dry and cool.

What’s quite remarkable about the XpreSole Panto is that it manages to use coffee in almost every part of the shoe, with the possible exception of the laces. Inside, a coffee yarn and flexible Ortholite foam sockliner gives you the comfort you need, while still being quite breathable so you don’t sweat after wearing shoes all day. When your foot rests on the insole, it’s also surrounded by the inner lining of the XpreSole Panto, which is made from an odor-resistant, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking coffee infused fabric woven with Lycra and neoprene for that 4-way stretch.

The boots are soft, flexible and provide long lasting performance.

The outer body of the XpreSole Panto uses a 30:70 blend of recycled coffee grounds and Eco EVA, as well as the outsole or base of the shoe which additionally uses rubber pads for improved friction. Finally, the laces of the XpreSole Panto build on the sustainable ethic of footwear by using 100% recycled PET bottles.

Rubber outsoles provide strong traction on smooth surfaces. Drainage channels on the outsole allow water to drain away.

Ultimately, the XpreSole Panto not only shows that shoes can be made using recycled coffee as an additive, it also aims to be a significantly better shoe that is more comfortable and easier to maintain. The ankle boot design makes the XpreSole Panto perfect to wear anywhere, even in the rain. The rubber outsole provides higher traction than conventional outdoor shoes on slippery surfaces, while the waterproof and dirt-resistant shell makes the XpreSole Panto a perfect, waterproof alternative to leather ankle boots.

Machine wash tested 100 times without any damage.

The waterproof shell keeps your feet dry, and if the shoes get dirty, they can be wiped clean in seconds. Inside, moisture-wicking and breathable materials allow the shoes to dry fairly quickly … and here’s the snap, you can just go ahead and throw the XpreSole Panto boots in your washing machine every month and they will be like new.

15 cups of recycled coffee grounds = 1 pair of XpreSole® Panto boots.

There are two reasons for CCILU’s choice of coffee – for starters, leather isn’t really good at standing up to the rain, and neither is it vegan. Additionally, faux leather or synthetic leather is almost always made from plastic, which adds to the plastic waste problem we currently face as a species. Second, coffee waste is also becoming a growing problem, with around 1000 tonnes of product being generated EVERY DAY. Determined to kill two birds with one stone, CCILU decided to focus on creating useful, sustainable and vegan shoes from coffee. The coffee grounds are collected and dehumidified, before being transformed into granules using an exclusive patented technology. Some of them are converted into fine yarns which are woven to create fabrics, while the remaining granules are added as additives in a unique injection molding process (and trade secret) to create the outsole and the shell.



The multiple award winning shoes are available in a variety of earthy colors and in low and high styles. Not only are the shoes vegan and durable, but at 230 grams they are also 1/3 the weight of an average pair of boots (they even float on water) and are also durable. The shoes start at a super early bird price of $ 89, and for a few extra bucks you can pick up a pair of coffee yarn socks as well!

Click here to buy now: $ 99 $ 116 (24% reduction). Hurry, there are less than 72 hours left!