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IKEA seeks to woo gamers with £ 50 gaming chair and wooden hand


IKEA and ROG used the Asus sub-brand network to dig into the needs of gamers. “We had a lot of meetings with the players [community], who ROG put us in touch with, “says Rychert.” But … as a company, we’ve been making many home visits, all over the world, asking gamers, what’s the problem? “

“There were a lot of pro gamers who helped out at workshops and design meetings – just to help shed light on the needs of gamers,” added Emanuel Jarnland, Marketing Director at ASUS and ROG Nordic.

The results? Representatives learned that gaming products were expensive while lacking in ergonomic considerations. However, IKEA could easily bring better ergonomics to gaming chairs on its own, so why the need for Republic of Gamers? Rychert says the collaboration resulted in player-specific additions to IKEA’s designs. “It was the lumbar support, the headrest, it was manipulating the armrest in different ways in 3D; that we didn’t have in an IKEA office chair because you didn’t have to go that far, ”she says.

Compared to IKEA’s new line of games, Jarnland says ROG gaming chairs tend to focus on “unique features, such as RGB lighting, that cater to gamers and also impact the game. the price range. When we work with IKEA, the focus has been on a different, broader target audience. “

While these conclusions make sense, they are obvious. IKEA’s partnership with ROG seems to be the easiest yet, with the furniture veteran applying a lot of principles to this new line of games that you’d assume he would be perfectly capable of handling in-house. Do the players sit for a long time? Add improved lumbar support. Many gaming chairs are expensive and the quality can be a mixed bag? Take a no-frills option for £ 50. It seems unlikely that Ikea need ROG to come to these conclusions.

Especially for IKEA it’s about balancing costs with functionality – keeping that price very low. For the ROG partnership, adding these player-specific features while keeping the RRP low was a challenge. “Is it worth the investment because the customer then has to pay for it?” Said Witkorsson. “We want to make it as affordable as possible, but that feature was for the lumbar support, the armrests, the headrest of our product. You can adapt.

Adapt IKEA, adding these features and keeping the prices extremely low – something that could be a recipe for success. However, despite the need to stick with aggressive pricing, IKEA was keen to tout its durability commitments. With many gaming chairs costing over £ 200, it will be interesting to see how long a £ 50 gaming chair will last.