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How These Brands Put Tech Into Your Shoes


The game of sneakers and shoes is constantly evolving. With everything going on in the world and the abundance of technological developments, it can certainly be easy to forget innovation and inventions that are right in front of our noses. The technology we use in our daily lives has improved dramatically compared to just 10 years ago. Technology is smaller, cheaper and more accessible than ever. And now it’s built into almost everything, including your shoes. In this article, we’ll look at how some of the top brands are effectively putting technology into your shoes.


Air Sole Innovation

One of the biggest names in athletic footwear and apparel, Nike is constantly improving and adapting its technology. For example, one of their core technologies, the air sole, is getting a massive update in the new shoes. Since their invention in 1977, air-sole technology has been a mainstay in many of the brand’s flagship sneakers. The technology works by placing air inside the sole of the shoe, providing the wearer with additional cushion. Climate change efforts are at an all-time high, and Nike is taking steps to make its technology more sustainable.

Three facilities across the United States produce nearly all of the Air Sole technology you see on the streets today. According to Nike, approximately 50% of all air sole materials are made from recycled products. This helps eliminate excess waste and keep our landfills clean. Nike has also changed its original chemical compound to an environmentally friendly nitrogen-based compound. Indeed, with a massive team and vast resources, Nike will continue to innovate and improve its technology.

Adapt technology

Maybe you remember the classic movie, Back to the future part II? Do you remember the awesome self-lacing shoes Marty will put on in the future? Thanks to Nike’s new adaptive technology, these shoes are now a reality. With the Nike Adapt app, users can control and customize the lacing of their shoes without ever bending over. Additionally, the app can pair and sync with your Apple watch. In addition, it offers a series of voice shortcuts with the watch. One of 2022’s coolest tech pieces, Nike’s Adapt previews the future of footwear technology.


Boost Technology

Looking next at adidas’ signature three stripes, we have to discuss the signature boost technology. Produced by a collaboration of Adidas innovators and European chemists, boost technology is premium footwear technology. The goal of the collaboration was to reduce the disadvantages of soles with soft cushion technology. Boost technology provides wearers with more cushion, temperature control, flexibility and durability. The main benefit, however, is the absorption and redistribution of kinetic energy.

Boost technology is made by expanding thermoplastic polyurethane and creating a new product, expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. Since its innovation in 2013, Adidas has continued to develop and improve its technology. By adding more energy return and improving their durability in production, Adidas has essentially ensured they remain at the top of the footwear technology industry.


Fit Intelligence

Another great brand in the footwear industry, Puma brings its new technology to your shoes. Somewhat similar to Nike Adapt, Puma Fit Intelligence is a new self-lacing shoe technology. Aimed at athletes, the Fit technology reacts and adapts to inputs from the wearer’s body. Then the shoe will automatically adjust to make your laces tighter or looser depending on what best suits your needs. One of Puma’s guiding principles for innovation is adaptive technology, and Fit Intelligence delivers just that.


Pump technology

Next, we’ll look at Reebok’s pump technology. Another big name in the sports industry, Reebok pump technology has had a lasting impact on the shoe game. The technology is similar to Nike’s Air Sole technology in that it uses pressurized air to provide support to the wearer’s feet. However, with pump technology, the wearer can customize and manually control the amount of support they receive from the shoe. Originally introduced in 1989, Reebok’s pump technology has continued to receive improvements and upgrades in looks, durability and durability. Of course, with such competition in the market, shoe brands are working harder than ever to innovate technology in their shoes.


By reviewing these brands and researching their technology, we can ultimately make the best decision available to us as consumers. And with so many awesome innovations on the market, there are plenty of great options out there. As these brands continue to invest time and resources into your shoe technology, you can be sure to find a shoe you love.

Whether you’re an avid Nike enthusiast, an Adidas sneakerhead, a casual shopper, or something else entirely, you can find something perfect for you. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of other great options if you don’t think these brands are right for you.