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How Success Came For Aaron Levant, CEO Of NTWRK


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Aaron Levant, CEO of the # 1 live shopping app NTWRK, was born with a natural entrepreneurial drive. As a dyslexic high school student and daring innovator, the Los Angeles-born Levant knew early on that he would chart his own path and write his own rules to be successful. His early efforts included publishing and selling an automotive fanzine to his fourth-year classmates and setting up his first trade show as a teenager – the first in a series of 30 branded events he would help. to launch.

Aaron Levant

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Levant’s success at NTWRK has resulted in more than two million users and over $ 10 million in funding since 2018. He was drawn to the company’s unique mission: NTWRK offers an unprecedented overlap of creating content, virtual shopping festivals, episodic programming and exclusive product launches, giving brands and artists (like Billie Eilish, Takashi Murakami and Adidas) the chance to tell the stories behind their most compelling products.

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A self-proclaimed child of graffiti, Levant’s early passions for streetwear, sneakers and graffiti still resonate. Levant launched its first business, the Agenda Show streetwear show, in 2003 as a trade show focusing on style, art and music. He then created and managed fashion festival events and used his expertise to co-found the NTWRK agency for retail brands from 2011 to 2016.

Levant’s role at NTWRK allows him to apply his knowledge of brands, marketing and relationships to the digital space, exploring three new areas for him: content, e-commerce and technology. In addition to his role as CEO of NTWRK, Levant has also co-founded new companies including luxury brand Truff Hot Sauce and Hall of Flowers, a highly organized B2B trade fair for cannabis products.

Through his many successes, Levant cites lessons learned along the way, one of which he was forced to learn as a child with dyslexia: overcoming obstacles. As an entrepreneur, he discovered how to create a scarcity around a product to spark consumer interest and realized that successful entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

“During my career of over 20 years, I have assembled an incredible group of mentors that I rely on for their wisdom, ideas and experience,” he said. “It made me better in business and in my personal life.”

Considering his move from the realm of live events to e-commerce, Levant also believes going through the discomfort is a necessary step on the path to entrepreneurial success. For him, putting his ego aside and overcoming failure, frustration and embarrassment is a vital skill. Perhaps not surprisingly, Levant turned his childhood “oppositional challenge” into a mantra for adult success: Move forward at all times rather than wait for the approval of the gatekeepers.

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