Home Adidas shop Home of urban streetwear, Rooomxix launches stores in Warri and Benin

Home of urban streetwear, Rooomxix launches stores in Warri and Benin



The new stores are essential for contemporary shoppers looking to dress around the trends and express themselves confidently through fashion in these localities.

“We are excited to open both stores in Warri and Benin City and establishing our presence there is both exciting and humbling. “

Gbenga Adeyefa, CEO of Rooomxix.

The stores epitomize the upscale and timeless luxury shopping experience of Rooomxix. Each shirt, accessory, shoe is a translation of the creative ideas of the designers we offer. We tap into the beauty of street style fashion from across the country and around the world and couldn’t be more proud that our operations started in the South-South.

Fortune Spurgeon, Creative Director of Roomxix.

The new store will represent everything the customer is made of and all the customer’s needs. Our customers want awesome streetwear style, they want amazing experiences and a variety of streetwear brands to choose from.

These options are no longer out of reach. The store also features a variety of sought-after streetwear collections. These include; yeezy, Adidas, essentials and more.

You can visit the Rooomxix Store in Warri: Shop 56, Delta Mall, Eferun, Sapele road (+2349128099749) and Rooomxix Store (Benin): 42 Country Road, Sisa Memorial Mall, Falanu Junction, Benin City, Edo State. (+2349124190967).