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Ground Works in Westlake acquires luxury stone business and moves to new headquarters


WESTLAKE, Ohio – While some businesses are struggling right now, Westlake’s Ground Works Land Design is booming.

Tony Nasrallah, President and Founder of the Company, spoke about the new ventures at Ground Works, which include the creation of GW Capital – a new parent organization for all current and future businesses – as well as the launch of Granite Works Stone Design.

Granite Works Stone Design offers “the best selection of premium handpicked stones for luxury living spaces,” said Nasrallah.

He said Ground Works has grown very rapidly.

“Things have gone really well year after year with 39% growth over the past two years. “

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop it.

“COVID has done a full 180 on us,” he said. “A lot of people spent time at home, not traveling, and started dreaming again (of improving their home) as their lives slowed down.”

Nasrallah said he needed a new building due to the growth of the business over the past two years. It will therefore move from approximately 3,000 square feet on Canterbury Road to a new 55,000 square foot head office at 875 Crocker Road.

While many companies are suffering from an employee shortage, Nasrallah said his employees are happy and even want to hire around 80 new employees by next year due to new acquisitions he is considering.

“Our customers are number one here, as are our employees,” he said. “They do everything above and beyond. We provide them with health benefits, brand new vehicles and equipment, uniforms, appreciation parties and 5% savings on a 401k.

“Employees are all part of our growth and we all work together. “

He wants to create a “synergy” with possible new businesses and will need a full-time accountant, as well as a marketing manager, to manage the companion businesses he plans to acquire for good. adapt to his current business.

Granite Works, his latest project, is a full-service stone supplier with on-site fabrication capabilities, using what’s known as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment, Nasrallah said.

But what he believes has brought him current success is something he has used for a long time and will continue with in the future: “Aligning with the same customer-centric approach that has brought success and profitability to Ground Works, Granite Works will provide world-class selections and a first-class experience with knowledgeable employees and an impressive showroom.

The planned grand opening for the new building is in May or June 2022, when the entire company “calls home at 875 Crocker Road,” Nasrallah said.

He said he also wanted to do more community outreach, like his current work for the Alzheimer’s Association.

For more information on Ground Works and Granite Works, visit https://groundworkslanddesign.com/ or call 440-930-8400.

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