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Fulton Classic Sole Review | POPSUGAR Fitness


I’ve pretty much always thought that insoles were strictly made for older people, so I was surprised a few years ago when I learned that a friend of mine wore them quite frequently. I wasn’t convinced to buy my own pair, but the news was interesting nonetheless. I pushed the idea of ​​insoles deep in my mind, where they sat collecting dust until I recently learned that a brand of insoles was taking the foot world by storm. Enter: Fulton.

I’m only 31, but if you ask my boyfriend he will tell you that I act like I have the body of a 90 year old man. I have constant pain in my legs, back, neck, wrists – I mean, you name a part of the body, and I probably have an illness that I can complain about for at least 20 minutes straight . When I first heard about Fulton’s Classic Insoles ($ 48), insoles designed to relieve foot, knee and back pain, I was truly intrigued.

Fulton was founded by Libie Motchan and Daniel Nelson. They created the brand after spending a fair amount of time wondering why they suffered from constant pain when they were healthy adults. They believe that pain is a chain reaction and that imbalances when we stand or walk can have dramatic negative effects on our bodies. Essentially, if our feet don’t have support, misalignment can occur, which can lead to future pain that only increases if the misalignment is left untreated. Fulton insoles aren’t just about adding extra cushioning to your shoes, they offer personalized arch support that helps keep your body aligned as you walk. Plus, they’re made from fully sustainable materials like natural moss, vegan cactus leather, and cork.

You can also pre-select your size when ordering a pair online, which makes it easier. No need to cut them to size after purchase, which is the typical path that sole brands want consumers to take. tedious, a lot? Currently, Fulton soles are available in sizes 5-11 for women and 8-14 for men.

When I first received my insoles, I was blown away by the thoughtful packaging. I’m someone who loves aesthetic products and when I first opened my mail to see the super cute packaging, sticker and socks inside, I was delighted. Fulton easily scored a 10/10 on that front, but would the insole live up to the hype? The first thing I noticed after taking the soles out of the packaging was that they were stiff. Like, really steep. Fortunately, the packaging, while cute, is also functional: it turns out it comes with a few handy guidelines, which warn users that while the soles will be stiff at first, they should start to form on your foot. after ten hours of wearing.

I chose to use my new insoles in a pair of Adidas Ultraboost, which are definitely my most comfortable shoe. The insoles slipped easily into my shoes on the first try and my foot settled comfortably inside even with a thick sock. While the fit was definitely awkward at first, they gradually sagged with wear and tear. I didn’t think my Ultraboosts could be any more comfortable, but I have to admit that Fulton has really helped me improve my shoe rack game.

After wearing my insoles for a little over a week, I can really feel a difference. I have already convinced my mom to buy at least one pair, and I hope they can help alleviate some of the pain she experiences on a daily basis as well. While wearing shoes while walking indoors in general probably gave my bare feet a much needed break, I can say that I have also noticed some relief from my back pain. Based on what I’ve been through so far, I think with consistent use I’ll only start to notice even more relief.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez