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Four Seasons Theater Company Presents ‘Cinderella’ Update – Cache Valley Daily


The Four Seasons Theater Company will present an updated version of the musical “Cinderella” through October 16 at Sky View High School in Smithfield.

SMITHFIELD – They say you can’t make a silk purse with a sow’s ear, but the members of the Four Seasons Theater Company apparently aren’t afraid to try.

No one ever claimed that Cinderella is the best musical ever written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, but the folks at Four Season here made the tired old show shine with gorgeous costumes, wildly inventive landscapes, beautiful choreography, thrilling vocal performances, and characterizations. delicious.

If this sounds like a fairy tale turned into a charming reality, that’s because it is.

Cinderella was originally developed for a television show in the late 1950s. When the show was finally produced on Broadway in 2013, a new script by Douglas Carter Beane introduced additional characters – including a likeable half-sister – and gave the fairy tale more contemporary themes and a lot more laughs.

While the show on stage kept everything Cinderella original music, four arias from the enormous Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog were also added to his score.

With these enhancements, this Four Seasons production almost looks and sounds like a totally fresh musical and it’s a welcome change.

In the title role, Four Seasons veteran Emma Duffin is a triple threat delight. She not only knows how to sing, dance and act, but she is also talented enough in all of these categories to manage while performing numerous duets with the incomparable Sarah Huff, an opera-worthy soprano appearing as the fairy godmother.

Ms. Duffin shares the limelight with Nathan Bohman as Prince and their chemistry on stage is heartwarming. Bohman’s tenor voice suits the role of the naive future monarch perfectly and pairs well with Ms. Duffin’s soprano in their duets.

Other notable actors include Sarah McKenna, Taylor Mickelson, and Lotti Sidwell as Cinderella’s Maybe Not-So-Bad Parents; Dallin Clark as a nervous social reformer; and Kyle Cottam as the infamous royal advisor.

Recognizing that lavish costumes play a vital role in the success of Cinderella, director Kody Rash decided to design them himself. A skilled team of dressmakers – Mary Savage, Kim Rash, Melissa Hamilton, Jolene Jacobs, Jessi Thompson and Paulette McKenna – beautifully translated these designs into royal vassal uniforms and lavish ball gowns. Even more impressive were Rash’s designs for Ms. Duffin and Ms. Huff’s costumes, which went from drab to glamorous on stage in the blink of an eye.

The imaginative scenographies of Lineset Design & Fabrication also contributed to the dreamlike atmosphere of the musical. This was especially true for Cinderella’s carriage and horses, which everyone liked.

Shows Cinderella are scheduled until October 16 at Sky View High School in Smithfield.