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Former Adidas Australia Colleagues Team Up To Launch New Sportswear Brand



Former Adidas Australia colleagues Kevin Roberts and Tim Jackson are set to launch their own sportswear label, No Timid Souls.

Using their experience in the world of sport – Roberts was previously the CEO of 2XU and Cricket Australia, while Jackson is a former Olympic sprinter and World Championships silver medalist in Track and Field – the two men combined their knowledge. sports techniques with innovative fabric technology to create their own materials.

Jackson said No Timid Souls needed to develop their own fabrics because there was nothing on the market that was at the level of performance the brand wanted to deliver.

“The first two steps of our product development process focus on sports science and materials science, so that all of our products meet the biomechanical and physiological needs of the human body when running, training or of indoor training.

“The third step is the creative design. Our products look great thanks to our experienced designers and garment technicians trained at the London College of Fashion.

“Over 75% of our first line of clothing uses our own unique fabrics because the options available were not at the level we needed.

“What’s different about No Timid Souls is the combination of sports science and materials science that makes our products perform better and feel better.

“We also take sustainability seriously, so 60% of No Timid Souls premier clothing line already includes recycled materials.

“We are confident that our range will take off quickly and gain the approval of athletes in the arena, as well as everyday consumers who run, train or train and want to improve,” he said. he declares.

The brand also has a mission to support elite and developing Australian athletes, by partnering with the crowdsourcing platform Raise the Bar.

The Raise the Bar point-of-sale option invites consumers to step up their transaction to donate to an athlete of their choice in the program, even if sponsored by a rival brand.

In addition, No Timid Souls will contribute a percentage of sales of various products to athletes in the program.

Sports clubs can also benefit from receiving 7.5% of purchases made by members of their extended communities from No Timid Souls.

According to the Australian Sports Foundation, half of Australia’s top athletes earn less than $ 23,000 a year.

Australian Olympian Tamsyn Manou praised the brand’s support for emerging athletes.

“I have been fortunate to have an incredible support network around me during my athletic career, but we know that many athletes do not have the financial support or the guidance to help them cope with the highs. and the lows of elite sport and the transition to life after sport.

“It’s really encouraging to see No Timid Souls take on the challenge of facilitating financial and other support for athletes who need it most,” she said.

According to the brand, his name was inspired by the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, whose 1910 Paris speech, “The Man of the Arena,” paid tribute to those in the arena. valiantly striving and expending himself in worthy conversation.

“No Timid Souls is a brand that represents inner strength and celebrates people who pursue physical exertion,” said Roberts.

“We are poised to conquer the global sportswear market with a premium product line that draws on deep expertise in sports science and materials science.

“We have an international ecosystem of people and organizations contributing to the development of our business, including some leading international industrial partners.

“Their support for our vision has been a lesson in humility.

“Together, we are pursuing world-class product innovation and building a global community of elite, emerging and everyday athletes who share the No Timid Souls mindset,” he said.

The brand’s first collection will be available in Australia in the second quarter of 2022 and in the United States shortly thereafter.