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Football fans, discover the new range of fragrances and body care Adidas UEFA Champions Edition


For the first time, in partnership with the UEFA Champions League, Adidas has launched an intense campaign Perfumecreated for the most epic games and exceptional football experiences.

2X more concentrated than their signature Colognebrand new from adidas Perfume offers longer wear, as well as a signature scent enhanced by quality ingredients like patchouli and sage.

Channeling the dynamic energy of football, the invigorating fragrance opens with a fresh and aromatic fusion of sparkling lemonade accord, the pure scent of lavender and the aroma of green violet leaves. The heart reveals a juicy apple note that contrasts with refined cashmere and vibrant clary sage for a bold, masculine feel. Finally, a wake of warm vanilla and smoky, earthy patchouli completes the memorable scent of champions.

Besides that, the Perfume comes in a limited-edition bottle lacquered in the iconic UEFA Champions League blue, with sleek silver accents for a punchy premium finish.

If you prefer the classic range, you can always opt for the signature Cologne. Featuring the vibrant Adidas UEFA Champions Edition scent, these products let you enjoy time off the pitch with newfound confidence. Don’t miss the elegant blue packaging with bright blue accents!