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Derrick Rose’s Adidas contract pays Rose’s brother $250-300K and Rose’s best friend $50K-75K per year


For many basketball players, joining the NBA represents an opportunity to provide financial security for their family and loved ones. Today, several NBA players have overcome difficult upbringings and have continued to secure their lives and the lives of their families when it comes to their financial situation.

Derrick Rose went out of his way to make sure his loved ones were taken care of and well compensated financially. When Rose signed his lucrative contract with Adidas for a shoe deal, he made sure his brother and his best friend were financially taken care of.

As revealed by Bleacher Report a few years ago, as well as his own contract which paid him $12 million per season between 2012 and 2017, Rose assured that his brother would earn $250-300,000 for his role as a consultant. And for his best friend, Rose made sure he would also earn between $50 and $75,000 a year for his role as a consultant.

Obviously, it was important for Rose to ensure that her brother and best friend would be in a position of financial security, and his contract with Adidas was the best way to ensure that they made money for the role they played in his life. and his career.

Rose himself has had a very difficult career trajectory over the years. Once considered the future of the NBA after becoming the league’s youngest MVP, Rose suffered a horrific injury that hampered the rest of his career. His former teammate Joakim Noah even compared the injury to 9/11. Since then, he was able to revive his career and is now a reliable player for the New York Knicks.

The toll that Rose’s career has had on him has been significant, because he once heartbreakingly told a fan that he was no longer “the man” when a fan tried to congratulate him. But Rose has bounced back and can be proud of the way he has managed his career and his game over the past few years.