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Cleary Company remodel-design-build firm builds for the future


George Cleary was in ninth grade when he started moving homes with a friend, and while he may not have known it at the time, he would eventually make a career out of it ten years later with his own. company: The Cleary Company.

The Cleary Company was founded 27 years ago as a general contractor business operated out of the 1,000 square foot Cleary home. Today, it’s a full-service remodel-design-build company that guides clients from start to finish on their journey to their dream home.

For Cleary, his nearly three decades of activity have been nothing but gratifying.

The Cleary Company lobby at 989 Old Henderson Road.

“Renovating a house and turning it into someone’s treasure dump is really cool,” Cleary says. “And knowing that you had your imprint on that and some ability to help them create their dream or make their dream come true through your efforts has been a really big driving force for what I’ve always done.”

The Cleary Company's bathroom renovation examples are available for customers to view at his office.

After operating from home for 10 years, The Cleary Company moved to Kenny Road until it moved to its current office at 989 Old Henderson Road in 2019. The 19,000 square foot space includes multiple offices, one workshop and, perhaps one of Cleary’s favorites. aspects of the office, the Animal House.

The Animal House, a room dedicated to Dave Edmonds, longtime friend and employee of George Cleary.

The Animal House is a living room with a full kitchen and plenty of space to host events, take a lunch break, or spend time with the team. The area has deep meaning to Cleary, who named it after her late friend and employee, Dave “animal” Edmonds. Edmonds worked for Cleary for 14 years, and for Cleary every day with him was invaluable.

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“He had an infectious positive spirit and a life full of joy,” notes Cleary. “If he was here today, he would still work with us and we would be a better company.”

The bond Cleary had with Edmonds is just one example of what Cleary aspires to: meaningful relationships. And while it’s technically in the realm of building dream homes, it’s also in the realm of people.

The Hallway of the Cleary Company, which leads to the Animal House, its main meeting room.

“When you treat people like you want to be treated, it will resonate with them,” Cleary says. “… When you care about people, they care about you and they’re willing to go the extra mile to get something to the finish line. ”

Currently, The Cleary Company has 52 employees, but Cleary says he’s struggling to hire quickly enough to keep up with demand. It’s not a quick process of bringing in new members who match the corporate culture he’s spent years building, but he wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Cornhole panels manufactured by employees of The Cleary Company.

“There are great people out there who can do amazing projects, whether you’re a designer, builder, electrician or whatever, but we want to surround ourselves with people who are great human beings. ”

And while Cleary typically only hires humans, one of his top performers is Russell, his 11-plus-year-old right-wing puppy who greets every visitor at the door and even comes in for visits.

The official guest host of The Cleary Company, Russell.

For the future of the business, Cleary says great things are ahead. He anticipates future growth, new product offerings and an even greater emphasis on building long-term customer relationships.

“We’re looking ahead and trying to analyze analyzes of what’s going on in the economy, and it just looks promising,” Cleary says.

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