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Check Out 9 Intriguing New Golf Gear For Spring


The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air and your clubs are eager to swing. It’s invigorating to get out for your first round of golf in the spring after a cold winter. There are many new golf products hitting the market as the days get longer and the temperatures rise.

Whether your golf shoes are slim or you just want to give your course attire an updated look, there are new Adidas spikeless shoes that will make your game look bold and your feet feel plenty comfortable. While there are plenty of golf apparel out there, there are also new golf balls, clubs, and tech products worth considering as well. Prices listed below may fluctuate due to seasonal sales.

Adidas Stan Smith X Vice Limited Edition Golf Shoes

The limited edition Adidas Stan Smith X Vice golf shoes are bold in color yet familiar to your feet. But these golf shoes won’t last long.

The new Stan Smith X Vice golf shoes from Adidas in neon green and red colors are bold and striking, yet they are also very familiar. First of all, it’s worth noting that these spikeless golf shoes with an Adiwear outsole are a limited edition, so if you’re intrigued by this style, you’ll want to pass on them quickly. Plus, if you like the streamlined style, there’s a more subtle white color option.

These shoes for links feature a microfiber leather upper, midsole cushioning and high-abrasion rubber on the forefoot. Moreover, they are waterproof. I had the chance to take them out for a test drive, and I’m a big fan. I love the fit and feel as it’s like wearing any other pair of Stan Smith shoes from Adidas but with plenty of traction for the course. They handle links like a champ.

Shop at Adidas for $120.

Linksoul Reverse Stripe Quarter-Zip

Linksoul Reverse Stripe Quarter-Zip
The Linksoul Reverse Stripe Quarter-Zip is ideal for mornings and evenings on the golf course.

The weather can be hot, but early in the morning and late at night you will probably need some kind of sweater for class. This Linksoul Reverse Stripe Quarter Zip is a perfect addition to any golf bag. I love the understated, casual style of the Quarter-Zip which has been adapted from Linksoul’s other garments. It’s not stuffy, but it will keep the cool air at bay.

Buy from Linksoul for $110.

Kenny Flowers Lei Up Golf Shirt

Kenny Flowers Lei Up Golf Shirt
Whether you want to match with your partner or not, the Kenny Flowers Lei Up Golf Polo Shirt is a soft and silky polo shirt.
Kenny Flowers

If you want to be loud on the golf course without getting fired, be loud with this Kenny Flowers Lei Up Shirt. The shirt has a silky smooth feel and is extremely flexible to allow for any movement your backswing might take. It is odor resistant, moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant. Like most Kenny Flowers polo shirts, this one has a backing just under the front buttons to keep t-shirts out of your pockets. Even better, this shirt is available in matching styles for men and women.

Buy from Kenny Flowers for $88.

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls (12 Pack)

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls
TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe golf balls should fly farther, and the strip allows for an aligned putt.

New for 2022, TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe golf balls could be what your golf game has been missing. Of course, the type of golf balls you use won’t completely change your long or short game, but they can give you an edge. These balls have a new tour-flight dimple pattern used to promote maximum carry distance. One of the standout aspects of this particular model from TaylorMade is the easy-to-see tape for more precise alignment. No more trying to score your own golf balls with a Sharpie.

Shop at Walmart for $39.97.

Turn Fairway Touch Pen

Touch turn fairway
The Tactile Turn Fairway is a refined golf scoring pen that comes in three sizes.
Tactile turn

Why use a small wooden pencil when you can use this new Titanium Tactile Turn Fairway Golf Pen to keep score? The yellow and green pen is gorgeous, with incredible attention to detail, including the etched dimples on the clip. The exterior finish makes it resistant to abrasion, chemicals, temperature, and scratches, though it can still be susceptible to those things with enough effort. The pen is available in three different sizes, from the standard 5.8 inches to the mini, at 4.6 inches.

Buy from Tactile Turn for $149.

Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter

Ping Pld Milled Anser Putter
The Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter will provide a soft feel putt.

If nothing else, the matte black finish of this Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter is a great addition to your golf bag. This putter is so much more than it looks though and comes fully machined with 303 stainless steel construction. Deep Aggressive Surfacing (AMP) delivers a soft feel like professionals are used to. More importantly, the putter grips with great precision so your gear can help your short game every time you hit the green.

Buy from Golf Galaxy for $449.

Footjoy Pro SL

Footjoy Pro SL
The Footjoy Pro SL is made of waterproof leather.
Joy of the feet

Golfers looking to upgrade their Footjoy golf shoes should check out the Pro SL. The shoes use ChromoSkin leather, which is considered “lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof leather”. The insole has been redesigned to provide even more comfort with Footjoy’s finely tuned foam. There are 189 traction points built into the outsole, so no slippage occurs. This shoe is the complete package to keep your feet dry, cushioned and in place.

Buy from Footjoy for $179.99.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Caliber E4

Tag Heuer Connected Golf Caliber E4
TAG Heuer has taken its Caliber E4 smartwatch and created a special Connected Golf edition. This watch can turn on more than 40,000 golf courses.
Tag Heuer

If you are looking for a luxury connected watch, this special edition TAG Heuer Connected Golf Caliber E4 may be what you need. The watch has a case size of 45 millimeters but is rebranded with sporty golf touches. Most notable is the digital face and the white rubber strap, which has golf ball dimples on its surface. Most importantly, the watch includes an exclusive TAG Heuer golf app to track performance on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. It’s not cheap, but what golf items are cheap?

Buy from Ben Bridge for $2,650.

Sentinel Headgear

Sentinel Headgear
Durable and responsibly made, Sentinel head covers add sophistication to any golf bag.

Sentinel headwear uses a responsible textile design process developed by Amsterdam-based Byborre.

Each piece of these golf headwear is cut and sewn by one person in Wisconsin using custom Byborre Create 3D knitting. The advantage here is that the exterior of the covers is durable and features a unique texture made from 100% recycled polyester. The interior is lined with melton wool. There is also a magnetic closure on the putter cover. These can be purchased together as a group or individually.

Buy from Sentinel starting at $98.

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