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Carrie Underwood wears these shoes for knee pain


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Designed to propel you forward with every step, these ultra-responsive trainers are made from an adaptive knit that molds to the shape of your foot. Lined with plush cushioning, these shoes shield your knees, ankles, and hips from the impact of high-intensity workouts — like running and HIIT — and return that energy, adding extra bounce to every move.

A longtime wearer of Ultraboosts, Underwood previously said Shape that she originally bought the shoes on Amazon when she was looking for a joint-supporting sneaker. “I have knee issues and have been looking for years for shoes that don’t hurt my knees,” she noted, adding that these sneakers were “the most comfortable shoes” for her knees – and She’s not the only one.

“[They] were totally comfortable and [the] the fit was perfect,” wrote a buyer from Nordstrom, who tested these sneakers in a kickboxing class. An Adidas buyer commented that they can walk seven to 10 miles with these kicks and swears ‘ they are “always comfortable”. Another agreed that they “loved these the minute [they] put them on,” and a third said they’re “perfect for a whole day on your feet. ” (BTW:One Shape the editor swears by these cross-training sneakers for knee pain.)

For all-day comfort and joint protection, shop these Carrie Underwood-approved sneakers at Nordström, Adidasand Carbon38 to jump into your next workout in style.