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Best Running Shoes for Women in 2022


These running shoes are more than just athletic eye candy; they are legitimate suitors. The cobweb-patterned design is created with APL’s TechLoom ziplines, which provide dynamic 360-degree foot support. But there is more than meets the eye; these support strips are hollow, which maintains the lightness of the running shoe and increases flexibility.

In addition to the physiognomy, its unique design offers a multitude of running rewards such as the traction and comfort of its exclusive Soufflé insole. But the unique character of the brand is also gaining ground thanks to Instagram love from The Strategist, Elle, Vogue and even Fast Company. It’s safe to say this is more than just hype as the brand’s founders, Ryan and Adam Goldston, are Forbes 30 Under 30 Winners.

In an interview with Equipment Patrol, the co-founders explain the vision behind their Zipline running shoe, saying, “What’s so exciting about ziplining is that you feel free, but know you’re safe. As we developed the TechLoom Zipline, that was the feeling we were trying to recreate.” Of the many splurge-worthy features the shoe offers, a sense of freedom is priceless.

the Women’s TechLoom Zipline Running Shoe is available from APL for $320.

Weight: 7.7oz | Drop: 8mm | Return policy: 10 days (brand new, unworn)