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Best rugby boots 2022: Canterbury, Nike, Adidas and top British brands for men


Another rugby season is upon us and it’s time to decide whether you’re going to try and get those battered boots deep in your gear bag to last you through a long winter or go out and treat yourself to a new pair.

What to look for?

It all depends on the position you play. Forwards tend to look for sturdier boots that won’t crumble when you’re under pressure in a scrum, while full-backs generally prefer lightweight boots that won’t weigh them down, or a pair of proven football boots that will fit them. allow you to strike with confidence. But you also need to consider your price range, your foot shape, and whether you’re more interested in stability or flexibility.

Soft ground or hard ground boots

When you practice a winter sport in the UK, you can always count on heavy rain and mud. It’s wise to opt for boots with removable cleats, so you can screw in around 21mm if you need to pack in the front row on soft grass pitches or switch to plastic cleats if you’re asked to play in 4G.

Will they last?

A long attritional rugby season will take its toll, especially if you’re a tight striker who spends a lot of time digging your studs into the ground trying to generate force. High-end boots, made with high-quality leather, tend to last longer, but you also need to take care of them. Don’t let them crunch in the mud between matches, clean them by hand and apply a little leather cream.

Shop the best rugby boots below

Canterbury – Stampede Pro 3.0


Long gone are the days when attackers wore stiff leather ankle-covering boots with steel toes. But Canterbury still looks to provide a similar level or similar support and protection, without all that extra weight.

The sock-like collar keeps your ankle securely locked in during a set piece battle, without restricting your movement, and there’s reinforced leather to protect your toes.

These sleek black Stampede Pro 3.0s are designed for wider feet but are far from bulky, and with 11 cleats (eight removable) you don’t have to worry about losing your footing. The abrasion resistant material means they can handle a lot of stress and strain.

Canterbury – Phoenix Raze


These boots are ideal for tight five forwards with wider feet looking for stability and durability.

The Phoenix Razes, available in classic Black and Canterbury Red colors, are designed to provide good traction in muddy conditions, but you can also wear them on firmer terrain without worrying about blisters. With a padded ankle collar and a wide forefoot fit, they’re also extremely comfortable, especially for those who spend a lot of time rubbing the balls of their feet.

They’re reasonably priced, but if you’re looking for an extra yard of pace, you might want to opt for a lighter, more flexible boot.

Mizuno – Morelia Neo III ß Elite Mix


Mizuno is renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and the brand has produced another sleek and stylish pair of boots in the Morelia Neo III ß Elite Mix which offers the perfect fit and slipper-like comfort.

Made from k leather, a knit collar and thinner laces, these low top boots are built for speed and flexibility and weigh just 240g. But they are also popular with kickers, and are worn by some footballers.

Rugby boots come with the instantly recognizable Mizuno logo, but the bulky leather and large tongue that featured on some of the company’s older boots are long gone.

Attackers may want to look for shoes that are more hard-wearing.

Nike – Mercurial Superfly Elite DF SG


Technically, these are football boots. But you might see a few gear merchants, willing to spend a little more, sporting them on the wing this season.

Narrow Nikes, featuring a high collar, are designed to fit like socks and weigh a little more. And while they won’t be of any use for those who need to scrimmage and there’s no padding to protect feet from errant studs, they do offer maximum traction for those looking to punch holes. holes in the defenses with blistering acceleration and agility.

They’re available in black and a range of bold colors, but each boot comes with traditional Nike branding.

Adidas – Adizero RS7


Here’s another pair of boots that are clearly made for those with light feet, who want to turn heads and avoid defenders.

They are slightly heavier than the Air Zooms, but still offer a great fit and plenty of traction. And with a nylon outsole and 11 studs, you can count on them on soft and muddy terrain.

Adidas claims the Adizero is the fastest shoe they produce and that is why they are worn by some of the fastest players on the planet such as Wales international Louis Rees-Zammit and All Black Jordie Barret .

The asymmetrical forefoot and laces are also designed to give kickers full control over every ball strike.

Canterbury – Phoenix 3.0 Pro


This is a typical pair of Canterbury boots. They are not made to attract a lot of attention. They’re made to last through a tough season and provide plenty of support.

Durable, supportive and comfortable, the low-profile 11-stud Phoenix 3.0 Pros are designed for dynamic attackers, yet are light enough to be worn by players in any position. They also have an inner mesh lining that keeps your feet cool and dry, and offers plenty of padding for extra protection.

Adidas – Kakari-SG


Adidas designed these shoes for forwards looking to dominate scrums, rucks and mauls. They are used by the tight five forwards of amateur and professional teams around the world, but are of little interest to fullbacks who favor pace.

Made with recycled materials and Adidas’ unmistakable design, these sturdy boots lock into your feet, with effective heel grip and provide stability when you need a stable base to generate force in the kick zone. contact. But the sportswear giant has also worked hard to reduce weight and ensure no one has to sacrifice a pace yard for extra support.

Nike – Tiempo Legend 8


This is another pair of lightweight football boots that are popular with kicking rugby players including England and Saracens marksman Owen Farrell.

Nike designed these boots out of super soft kangaroo leather so players can hit the ball cleanly and their feet won’t slip inside. The Tiempo Legend 8 also come with a padded insole and padded ankle collar for added comfort.

Puma – King Pro Rugby H8 SG


These no-frills faux leather boots are incredibly comfortable, thanks to the thick, soft padding around the heel and ankle, and easy on the eyes, with the traditional Puma stripe.

According to the brand, the H8s are considerably lighter than their predecessors and are ideal for dynamic attackers. They are made with a lighter outsole, which is still extremely durable, and eight removable metal cleats. And with several retailers selling them for under £40, they offer excellent value for money.

Puma – Avant Pro


Another pair of Pumas designed for comfort and stability. And while they’re more expensive than the H8s, they’re also more durable.

The streamlined Avant Pros are each equipped with 11 studs, to give you good grip, a high quality leather wrap for your toes and ArmoYarns technology that wraps the foot in the heel to keep your ankle in place.

It takes very little time to break them in, as they quickly mold to your feet. They can be worn by players in all positions and are available in black and bright orange.


If you play in forwards you should be looking to get some Stampede Pro 3.0s, because they offer a lot of support and protection, but are also light and comfortable. While backs who care about quality should invest in a pair of the impeccable Morelia Neo III ß Elite Mix.