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The best Puma shoes for playing basketball

When it comes to choosing your next pair of basketball shoes, it’s time to think beyond Nike or Adidas. Puma is a growing brand with quality products and a loyal following. With its established presence on the international sports scene, Puma is taking a hit in its NBA competition by offering high quality and eye-catching basketball sneakers at a more affordable price.

What to know before buying Puma basketball shoes

Puma is a German sportswear and athletic footwear multinational. Although Puma has traditionally focused on running shoes and soccer cleats, in 2018 the company returned to the basketball sneaker game, with musicians and basketball fanatics Jay-Z and J. Cole working to bring Puma to the forefront of the NBA landscape. Here are some things to consider when buying Puma basketball shoes.


Simply put, if your shoes hold up on the court, they need to be made of quality materials. Puma, like some of its contemporaries, is focused on making the best performance shoes with durable materials.

The company partners with the Better Cotton Initiative and the Leather Working Group to ensure best practices and material sustainability. By 2025, its use of recycled polyester is expected to reach 75%. Puma basketball shoes are designed to perform at a high level while helping the planet.


For a sport full of jumps, spins, and slides, basketball shoes need to have good traction. Puma’s entire line of basketball shoes feature a durable, abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole designed for optimal grip in all directions.


In addition to performance, Puma basketball shoes are designed with comfort in mind. Interior and exterior supports combine with premium cushioning to make every ride on the court comfortable. However, for flat feet, an arch-enhancing sockliner can be a useful addition.

What to look for in quality Puma basketball shoes


Puma shoes typically adjust to size, but adding insoles or ankle braces can dramatically change the overall fit. It is always best to try on a pair of Pumas before committing to a shoe.


On the court, what you need from a shoe goes hand in hand with position and style of play. For dynamic goalies who move their feet more laterally than vertically, shoes with low and mid-soles provide sufficient support without restrict movement. For the grown-ups on the court, high peaks provide better ankle support for better vertical action. Regardless of the height or style of the shoe, Puma uses a variety of proprietary midsole foams for even better support, comfort and performance.


One of the biggest advantages of Puma is the variety of styles within its line of basketball shoes. Puma’s design goes beyond simple logos with eclectic and fun styles. The brand incorporates brighter colors like pastels and neon lights, as well as more intricate patterns, with unique shapes and features.

How much you can expect to spend on Puma basketball shoes

Puma basketball shoes are generally less expensive than its main competitors, Nike and Adidas, with budget sneakers available for around $ 70 and high-end models for almost $ 125.

Puma basketball shoes faq

Do professional basketball players wear Pumas?

A. Yes, the young players are signing shoe contracts with Puma in part to join the company on the pitch in the league, and their newfound reputation for high performance has drawn LaMelo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Deandre Ayton, RJ Barrett and more. Additionally, WNBA star Breanna Stewart recently became the first woman to sign with Puma.

Are all Puma basketball shoes weatherproof?

A. No, generally speaking, Puma basketball shoes are not designed to be worn in all weather conditions. While they are primarily designed for indoor use, some have also been rated for outdoor play.

What is the best Puma basketball shoe to buy?

Best Puma Basketball Shoes

Puma Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes

What would you like to know: Named after Hall-of-Famer Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, the original hardwood hero of Puma, this is an impressive quality shoe.

What you will love: Puma’s ProFoam + is its best cushion yet. This model is also a good option for playing indoors or outdoors.

What you should consider: The materials are rigid until they are broken.

Or buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Best Puma Basketball Shoes For The Money

PUMA Sky Modern Basketball Shoes

PUMA Sky Modern Basketball Shoes

What would you like to know: These sneakers with both a colorful and black and white option provide maximum comfort without breaking the bank.

What you will love: Breathable mesh and ankle strap for added support so you can play comfortably on the court in style.

What you should consider: High-top shoes are not for everyone.

Or buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

To check

PUMA Disc Rebirth Basketball Shoes

PUMA Disc Rebirth Basketball Shoes

What would you like to know: This pair of basketball shoes comes in six different color palettes, as well as several awesome features.

What you will love: Its full-coverage rubber outsole with enhanced traction and durability keeps you safe on the court, while the full-length ProFoam midsole keeps your feet happy as you play.

What you should consider: Its unique design and features come with a higher price tag.

Or buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

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