Benefits of Collecting Loans | Payday Loans

In recent years, it has become very popular to gather many smaller goals into a bigger one. This can be done directly through a regular lender or you go the way through a loan broker. These usually market this properly. Here we will therefore look at the benefits of collecting the loans.

Your monthly cost goes down


The biggest reason to take into account for all borrowers is what the total monthly cost will be. It goes without saying that if you have 10 loans of USD 10,000 with 30% in interest then it will be cheaper with a loan of USD 100,000 with 10% in interest.

How much money you save on baking everything into a loan is impossible to say in advance as it depends on the loans available and what loan you can get. But overall for you with quite large loans, it can easily be about thousands of kronor every month.

Better credit rating

When someone takes a credit report on you, they will see what loans you have. If there are many many in the list, and especially if they are smaller, then this can greatly reduce the grade. Something that can be a problem if you want to get approved for something.

It is not just the size of the loans that is of interest to a lender. For example, if someone sees that you have mortgages of several million, it is not at all negative in the same way as if there are amounts with small loans. Mortgages are nothing strange to have and therefore do not indicate bad finances, however, many smaller loans indicate a more chaotic economy. Something that lenders and the like do not like.

It’s smooth


Going directly to your regular bank or choosing a loan broker does not actually play a major role in the flexibility of borrowing money. You can often get help from the lender to even repay the old loans.

Reading and applying does not take long, and with a little luck this can save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, I read on a loan broker’s website that the average customer with them saves about USD 37,000 in total. Then if you save more or less it is not really interesting for total you will learn to save much more than what the short time is worth.

You can become debt free sooner

You can become debt free sooner

If we assume that you have an economy that can now handle all the loans you have, you can collect these debt-free earlier by collecting these. By getting lower interest rates, not having to pay more fees etc., you should get money over at the end of each month. If you use these to pay off extra debt, your debts will also disappear more quickly.

You will also become debt free faster if you are in a situation where you do not get it together every month. Because if you can only get a collateral loan that is cheap enough, you will be able to afford the costs every month and then instead of going minus you go up constantly.

A loan to keep track of

Many loans increase the risk of you missing something. Unless payments are made automatically, there are several things to do each month. With a loan, there is only one to do instead and it is undoubtedly smoother.

If you miss paying an invoice, there is a great risk that you will have to pay a reminder fee, etc. In the worst case, if you miss, it can eventually become the issue of payment remarks, something you really want to avoid.

The money can be used for other purposes

The money can be used for other purposes

There are many better things to spend money on than interest costs. To recharge the batteries, for example, it might be good to get on a holiday trip, you may want to renovate something at home that requires money or you want greater savings that give you security.

Whatever it is that you want to do, you can say with great certainty that it is nicer to spend the money on other than interest rates.

You get a better overview of your personal finances

You get a better overview of your personal finances

If you collect the loans, this will require you to take a look at your personal finances, which is positive. Far too many have poor control of their own finances, which risks creating problems. If you find that you have X amount of USD over a month, you can decide what is best to do with these. If it turns out that you go minus every month, it is extremely important to take action as early as possible. The longer you wait to correct this, the more expensive it will be.