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Adidas to open flagship store in Polish capital – The First News


Patrick Seeger/ PAP/DPA

German sportswear maker Adidas has chosen Warsaw for its first “Brand Center” flagship store in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), business daily Puls Biznesu reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper writes that Adidas, “valued on the market at around 29 billion euros, twice less than a year earlier, has taken an important step in its development in Poland, where it has been present since 1991”.

Puls Biznesu has announced that the German company will open its largest store in the CEE region at the Wars Sawa Junior shopping center in Warsaw on September 1.

“Warsaw is playing an increasingly important role in building trends, which is why choosing this city was key for us,” Adidas general manager for Central Europe Marina Mogus told the newspaper. . “Adidas is a well-known brand often worn in Poland, and that’s why we want to make sure that consumers have the opportunity to have the best and most modern retail experience.”

The newspaper reports that Adidas has 35 so-called Brand Centers around the world as well as flagship stores in its key markets: London, Paris, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. “The first Brand Center was opened in 2019 in the capital of Great Britain, and the first in Central Europe was in 2021 in Berlin,” Puls Biznesu reported.

He added that the center of the Polish brand, which will overlook the Palace of Science and Culture in the capital, will occupy 2,400 square meters (m²) on three floors of the Wars Sawa Junior building, of which 420 m² will be the sports base of Warsaw, a free training and meeting space.

“Half the surface of the store will be occupied by a sales room”, writes the daily. “It’s full of technology. Customers can, for example, scan the shoes with an app. In the locker rooms, screens allow the products to be viewed, for example in nature or on a running course.”