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Adidas joins the NFT world in partnership with Bored Ape, The Sandbox, Coinbase – Ledger Insights



Adidas announced his presence in the metaverse. The sportswear company got their hands on Bored Ape Yacht Club # 8774, Indigo Herz, and branded it with the company logo. Additionally, it has teamed up with crypto influencer Gmoney and a non-fungible token (TVN) Punks Comics series for the same initiative. But it is one of many.

Two weeks ago, Adidas made its first appearance in the NFT world by launching a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) token given to people who visited a particular web page. It allows token owners to exchange the digital asset for a mystery item in the future. Over 3,300 copies of the same free token have been minted as an animated badge, and so far there have been 3,832 resales.

Shortly thereafter, a Adidas Originals tweet more than hinted at that the company had bought land in blockchain game The Sandbox.

adidas the sandbox

Meanwhile, Adidas rival Nike made slow and steady movements in the metaverse space. The Oregon-based company registered seven new brands related to the marketing of digital branded clothing and established a digital product creation group.

These may be related to its collaboration with the online gaming platform Roblox for the Nike Country virtual world where users have to move in the real world to trick their avatars to have super abilities in the game. For example, if a user is going to run, the movement is recorded and the avatar will be able to run at the speed of light . The platform is also full of Nike-branded digital clothing to buy. But the Roblox initiative does not yet involve NFTs.

Back to Adidas, and acquiring a Bored Ape is an effective way to advertise its presence in the metaverse and further into the brand itself as “cool and trendy,” which seems to be what. is aiming for Adidas. In addition, the partnership with Gmoney and Punks Comic, names mainly recognized by players in the NFT ecosystem, underlines that Adidas does not necessarily aim to launch an NFT product that is still going mainstream.

Adidas has also partnered with Coinbase, so more developments are likely on the way.

Musical artist Timbaland and a division of Universal music the two have separate projects involving Bored Apes.