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adidas Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 KG CO2e — Release Info – Footwear News


Last fall, sportswear giant adidas and sustainability-focused footwear brand Allbirds teamed up to create a shoe that was highly functional and easy on the planet. Enter: the Futurecraft.Footprint, the lowest performing carbon adidas or Allbirds shoe ever. And today, the duo launches its evolution of this revolutionary model, baptized Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 KG CO2e.

Like the Futurecraft.Footprint, the new drop is only 2.94kg CO2 per pair, but this version is based on adidas’ ultra-lightweight Adizero design. Every part of the shoe has been redesigned to be as durable as possible. The midsole, sockliner, tongue and heel foams use bio-based EVA made in part from sugar cane, while the lining, laces and embroidery are all made from 100% recycled polyester . The upper is made from 77% recycled polyester and 23% natural lyocel, a fiber made from sustainably grown wood, and the outsole is made from 10% recycled lightweight rubber. The upper and outsole are made using a design technique that makes them appear like puzzle pieces and ultimately ensures that few scraps are produced to reduce waste. In addition, the shoe has no torsion bar, which not only increases the flexibility of the shoe, but also saves material during production.

CREDIT: Courtesy of the brands

The collaboration was created with the scientists’ recommended goal of keeping the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“As we’re already in the midst of climate change, it’s important to show people that industries can turn the switch now, and that there’s still hope to help keep the 1 target on track, 5 degree,” Kimia Yaraghchian, product manager at adidas, said in a statement. “Importantly, the launch of the Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 KG CO2e proves that similar ambition can help deliver low-carbon running shoes at scale.”

The new style is available in four colors: black and beige, black and red, white and gray and an option exclusive to Allbirds. Each colorway is also made using a dye-free method, which uses the natural color of the materials to limit the amount of water used in production. (Note that adidas launched a proprietary collection using this method last year.)

The idea behind the Futurecraft sneakers was to take Allbirds’ base of carbon-neutral shoe production and expand it to a sort of global level that is within adidas’ capabilities.

Allbirds was founded with a mission to do as little harm to the earth as possible by replacing petroleum-based materials with more sustainable options, like merino wool, knit fabric from eucalyptus fibers and EVA foam. made from sugar cane. The brand also imposed a carbon tax on itself in 2019 to become 100% carbon neutral, meaning it will offset all the carbon dioxide it puts into the air through other sustainability projects.

As for adidas, it turned out sustainability initiatives like the End Plastic Waste plan and the homonymous hub Futurecraft, dedicated to technological and textile innovations. Some big sneakers we’ve seen coming out of Futurecraft are the 100% recyclable Futurecraft Loop and the 3D printed Futurecraft 4D.

“Climate change presents a formidable challenge, but the success of this Adizero x Allbirds project is an example of how two
teams can work together to create a shoe that is fit for performance and the planet,” Hana Kajimura, sustainability manager at Allbirds, said in a statement. “Our overriding ambition with this shoe is to inspire others to open up their development processes and cooperate with others to create the most carbon-efficient designs possible.”

The Adizero x Allbirds 2.94KG CO2e retails for $120 and is available in-store at adidas.com and Allbirds.com, in-store, and through the brands’ apps. This drop is also a wider release than the one that happened last fall – which quickly flew off the shelves – so you have a better chance of nabbing a pair this time around.